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Small Group Living

bible-notesAt Stone Creek Christian Church, we firmly believe in the fellowship and relationships formed within the small group environment.

Sunday mornings allow us to reconnect as a body of believers, and celebrate the Wonderful Savior we serve, but those meetings will typically not provide the time for us to engage in deeper fellowship and bond in meaningful relationships as God intended – enter the small group. Just as it was demonstrated in the very first meetings that took place in the early New Testament Church, small groups are vital to establishing and maintaining community within the growing church.

If you are not involved with a small group, you should JOIN ONE TODAY! In fact, call or e-mail the church office right now to secure your place in a small group in your area.

Plus, here’s the link to view/join a small group in your area (you’ll need a password from the office)

Below are two final things we would like you to check out. The first is a very important resource called RightNow that everyone in the church is welcome to use…right now! You have probably already been invited to RightNow as a member of the church, so take advantage of this valuable resource. It will become the central source of materials our small group leaders can access and use for planning. The second is a video that offers some awesome testimony regarding our small groups right here at Stone Creek Christian Church.


RightNow Media (Online Library)